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Global languages Hawai'i & Spanish Academy 
As it is written in Mishna Sanhedrin 4:5


"The world itself rests upon the breath of the children in our schools."

Our Annual Fund is an investment in our students and teachers and enriching program offerings. With your support, we will continue striving to change the world, one child at a time.

Like all other independent educational programs, Global Languages Hawai'i & Spanish Academy (GLH & SA) relies on contributions from parents, grandparents, friends, and the community to help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of operating the Program in Private and Public Schools in Hawai'i. While tuition provides the resources necessary to ensure our students receive a quality education, GLH & SA is committed to doing much more. Never satisfied with being just good, GLH & SA strives to be great by offering our students an expansive array of opportunities. In addition, our secular solid program features a total commitment to World Languages and Cultures through our after-school programs.  


The Immersion Language Series and Unit based. In addition to being one of the most comprehensive dual curriculums. GLH & SA offers students from pre-k to all ages. 


This, in turn, requires the support of many donors committed to sustaining educational excellence through their gifts and contributions.

The following list reflects a few of the reasons why your support is so important:

• Giving is traditional in independent educational programs and helps bridge the gap between tuition and what it costs to educate each child.
• Besides tuition, gifts are the most significant source of income for GLH & SA.  

• Contributions to Global Languages Hawai'i & Spanish Academy are tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not.
• Proceeds from the Annual Fund help attract and maintain top-notch faculty and specialists.
• Contributions supplement critical professional development workshops for teachers.
• Contributions enhance important programs essential to the overall development of the curriculum, spanning academics to Languages to the arts and beyond.
• Contributions give us the resources needed to keep class sizes small.
• Proceeds from the Annual Fund help continue our commitment to need-based financial aid.
• High Annual Fund participation levels from parents, faculty, and staff can help the school raise crucial dollars from outside Foundations.
• Every gift, regardless of the amount, is essential and appreciated.

Each gift, be it $1 or $100,000, makes a significant difference to our community. The Global Languages Hawai'i & Spanish Academy Annual Fund ensures the future of our schools and, in turn, touches each child and, in extension, each family in our community. The contributions of every family and the broader community represent an investment in our community's future, one child at a time. We hope you'll help us invest in our collective future by supporting GLH & SA language education for children today.

YOUR GIFT shows a vote of confidence for the Global Language Hawai'i & Spanish Academy experience, past and present!

YOUR GIFT supports many GLH & SA students. Your Annual Fund gift sets a tradition of giving that we hope our current students will adopt as they enter our alumni ranks, supporting the next generation of GLH & SA students.

YOUR GIFT helps increase our participation goal, which is essential for GLH & SA when applying for foundations' grants. The strength of annual giving shows the power of our schools.

YOUR GIFT to the Annual Fund supports GLH & SA in numerous ways. The Annual Fund supports every aspect of the GLH & SA experience, including academics, technology, the arts, faculty and classroom resources, student activities, and the numerous aspects of providing each student with the tools to ensure a robust lifelong learning identity.

YOUR GIFT MATTERS. It is that simple. Every gift goes to work immediately to benefit our students. Whether you are part of Global Languages Hawai'i & Spanish Academy's past, present, or future, your support is essential to the mission of educating our children!


For more information, please get in touch with Global Languages Hawai'i & Spanish Academy at +1808-725-7402 or email

Call us today and donate 1-808-725-7402



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Global Languages Hawai'i 

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