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Why Study Languages


Improve your skills and grades in math and English and improve entrance exam scores -- SATs, ACTs, GREs, MCATs, and LSATs

  • Studying a second language can improve your skills and scores in math and English, which can lead to improved exam scores. Research shows that math and verbal SAT scores rise with each additional year of foreign language study.

Greater opportunities in government, business, law, medicine and healthcare, teaching, technology, the military, communications, industry, social           service, and marketing

  • Every career path is entirely transferable to another culture and country, and it is certainly possible that any of these careers would have contact with each other. Studying a foreign language can provide you with better opportunities because of your ability to effectively communicate with the foreign cultures.

Improve your communication skills

  • By learning a foreign language you become better at expressing yourself. Additionally, your interpersonal skills will improve because of interaction with people of different cultures.

Improve your English by learning another language

  •  As you study another language's grammar, you will improve your own understanding of English grammar. Your speaking skills will also increase as you learn and practice the language's pronunciation and thus speak more clearly.

Become better at multitasking

  • Those who study multiple languages are skilled to switching between two systems of speech, writing, and structure. This, as research shows, makes those people better at multitasking.

Reduce your risk of Alzheimer's and dementia

  • Adults who speak multiple languages are show signs of dementia on average 4 years later than those who only speak one language. Other research shows that  

Meet new people and cultures

  •  Broaden your horizons by meeting people from around the world just by having a shared language. People are more likely to open up to you while abroad when you speak their native language instead of yours.

Have a better understanding of world news events and how they impact not only you but also the people involved and impacted 

  •  Become a more global citizen by learning a new language and understanding the culture and people associated with it. By understanding them, their culture, and their history, you can understand how news pertaining to them really affects them and their region.

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