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Fall 2023​

Day: Mondays from 3:30 - 4:15
Course: Charla & Mordidas - Spanish Chit-Chat & Bites! Bilingual/Immersion - Conversation Classes Through Art 


To enrich the immersion setting by providing opportunities where students can “play” with the Spanish language through literary, visual, crafts, and musical experiences. 


We aim to give our students the freedom to (a) experiment with spoken Spanish, (b) refine their comprehension (“fine-tune their ears”), (c) incorporate their new skills into the written and analytical areas of learning, (d) to have fun and enjoy, and (e) to provide unique cultural experiences not easily found in our community. 

Cost: $377 for all grades

Grades: 6 -12

Day: Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30
Course: Collares tropicales & hawaiianos / Tropical & Hawaiian Lei Making & Tapas / Pupus (Bilingual/immersion) (Spanish Hawaiian Cultural Fusion)
This course is designed for beginners #1 and beginners #2, so it starts at the beginning. Create beautiful collares / Leis using flowers, tea leaves, paper, thread, yarn, and other materials.

 In this class, you will learn the basics of Collares tropicales & Lei making in a bilingual/immersion setting. This course is appropriate for children of all ages. You’ll learn as much or as little as you would like about Collares/Lei making in this course. Additionally, you will learn the importance of Historical and cultural significance of Lei making in Spanish and Hawaiian culture. You’ll get to know a lot about Spanish / Hawaiian flowers, the significance of the Spanish/Hawaiian lei, and why it’s such an essential part of Spanish & Hawaiian culture.

Aim: You will learn basic skills, techniques, preparation, and crafting of how to make collares tropicales / Hawaiian Lei &  other Pacific Islands Lei making 

Creative supplies:

 Fresh flowers, greenery, lei string, and lei needle provided ribbon, yarn, & more.

Cost: $377

Grades: K - 3

Happy Teens
Day: Tuesday from 3:30 - 4:15
Course: Espanol y Tapas! Spanish Language Reading and Snacks! (Immersion / Bilingual)

This program is designed to offer students the opportunity to love reading in two languages. Explore and discover the magic of reading while having a snack and fun. 


This course aims to support students in becoming better readers in both languages and enjoying them. Additionally, penmanship will be taught and practiced after reading sessions or creative writing based on the day's reading. 


  1. (6, 7, 8, 9-grade levels) Students must obtain a new book or one from home suitable for their reading level and age group. 

  2. One (1) Composition notebook, a pencil, a blue/black pen, a green pen, and a highlighter. 

  3. Suppose taking Spanish Immersion or Bilingual courses. A small dictionary is required.

Students earn one stamp for each level completed.  

Cost: $377
Grades: 4 - 9
Day:  Friday from 3:30 - 4:15
Course: Al rededor del mundo / Around the Globe (Immersion/bilingual)

The main goal is to use the Language in a bilingual and immersion setting. Help students learn through different cultural activities from Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. 

We also aim to foster interest and awareness in our global community and to help students gain an appreciation for how they fit into our international world.

With this fun and engaging program, students learn Spanish culture and geographic locations and start to understand how a map is used. 

The goal is to provide a positive opportunity to learn about our global community in the target language Spanish.

To enrich the immersion/bilingual setting by providing opportunities where students can speak Spanish through cultural and geographical experiences.

Aim: Passports / Stamps: Complete or create a Spacial Itinerary: 

To have fun while we learn about diverse Spanish cultures worldwide.

Students will learn about the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries they select through music, song, stories, and food. 

Students will learn how to prepare a simple dish from their favorite Spanish country. 

Passports are organized by month; September through December or from  January to May. Each month focuses on different geographical items to identify.

Students earn one stamp for each level completed.  

Creative supplies:

 Once a month, students will prepare a simple dish from the selected country. Some ingredients will be provided, and some students will need to bring them from home. 

Cost: $333

Grades: 4 - 9

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